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Rental Property Manager Bio - Phil Kelliher

A passionate Wellingtonian, Phil was born in Wellington and has seen the transformation of our capital city into the unique and vibrant city it is today.

Phil's passion also flows into property and investing. Having qualified as a Quantity Surveyor, he later qualified as an Authorised Financial Advisor (AFA). In this role, he specialised in advising high-value clients on their investments, including work in Private Banking and more recently held the position of Investment Manager for Public Trust.

Throughout his property career, Phil has owned and successfully managed a portfolio of investment properties focusing on adding value over time. His experience includes project management of subdivisions, rental management, and extensive renovation projects.

Why Me?

Phil has a clear understanding of investment markets and investment goals, and how to achieve those goals. He believes that property investment is the cornerstone of many investment portfolios for New Zealanders and that there is no more important role than managing and advising on that investment.

Having responsibility for client’s investment portfolios and managing his own investment properties has taught Phil the importance of building good relationships – the foundation of which is good communication, transparency and putting in the hard yards.

Phil believes in rolling up his sleeves and getting things done. Always doing the very best job he can, for Phil there is no other way to operate, and he is proud to offer this package of experience and dedication to all his investment property owners. 

Phil says…if you are looking for a better way to manage your property or if you are looking at entering the investment property market please feel free to contact me for an obligation free appointment to discuss the benefits of my advice and service.

Why Pukeko Rental Managers?

We use Fixed Term tenancies and do not charge Letting Fees to tenants to ensure there are no vacancies between tenancies.
If there is a problem - we do not just walk away!

We are so good at what we do - we make promises to you that others would be terrified to make. We make two serious promises to all of our clients. Read about the Pukeko promises here.

Key Contact Info: 

Name: Phil Kelliher

Address: Porritt Avenue
               Mount Victoria

Phone: 021-2405692

Locations covered:

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