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Rental Property Manager Bio - David Pearse

David Pearse started investing in property and becoming a landlord in the early 1990’s. He oversaw a real estate property management department while running two real estate offices with Tremains. In 2004, he owned a rental management business over the central North Island, winning several awards and growing to manage over 400 properties. After selling his business he pioneered Pukeko Rental Managers as a new and innovative way of providing residential property management services to owners and investors. Pukeko is growing quickly throughout New Zealand as he recruits, trains and mentors boutique operators who want to provide the “best” property management service. David is a committee member of the Independent Property Management Association (IPMA).

Why Me?

David has taken on the Pukeko Rental Manager role in West Auckland as he resides in that area. He offers expertise and experience to landlords and property investment owners in the region. He works hard to be the best in everything he does, and he knows the area very well. When David manages a property, you are getting the best of the best!

David is also a member of the Property Management Institution of New Zealand (PROMINZ). This institution helps provide a framework for Independent Property Managers. It enhances the professional standing of the manager and also provides greater protection for the public who use them as well. 

Why Pukeko Rental Managers?

We use Fixed Term tenancies and do not charge Letting Fees to tenants to ensure there are no vacancies between tenancies.
If there is a problem - we do not just walk away!

We are so good at what we do - we make promises to you that others would be terrified to make. We make two serious promises to all of our clients. Read about the Pukeko promises here.

Key Contact Info: 

Name: David Pearse

Address: West Auckland

Phone: 027 480 9534


Locations covered: