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Rental Property Manager Bio - Penny Rakakali

Penny is a reliable, organised, action-oriented, no-nonsense hard-working business woman. She brings to managing your property the experiences of being a tenant as well as being an owner/landlord and uses this when she is finding high quality tenants, handling maintenance, and dealing with disputes.

Owning her dream Auckland property management business

Penny knows that she has been entrusted to look after what you have worked hard to get and the investment you have put in and takes her role seriously, allowing you and your tenants to be happy and free to get on with your own lives. She has had a keen interest in Auckland property management for many years so owning a property management business has been a dream turned into reality.

Penny has qualifications in Business Management and has worked in Administration teams for 18 years. She has also worked in a range of work environments internationally and locally such as corporate law firm in Fiji and Auckland before joining the Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods or FMCG industry in West Auckland.

Why Me?

Penny works hard to be the best in everything she does and having raised two children and lived in West Auckland for over ten years, she knows the area very well. You can trust and depend on Penny to be able to manage your West Auckland property investment for as long as you need her.

You will not be able to find a more honest and responsible person than this socialite entrepreneur. 

Why Pukeko Rental Managers?

We use Fixed Term tenancies and do not charge Letting Fees to tenants to ensure there are no vacancies between tenancies.
If there is a problem - we do not just walk away!

We are so good at what we do - we make promises to you that others would be terrified to make. We make two serious promises to all of our clients. Read about the Pukeko promises here.

Key Contact Info: 

Name: Penny Rakakali

Address: Massey, Auckland

Phone: 021 055 3967


Locations covered: