It is important that you understand how we can help you. We realise there are a lot of property management companies, and we honestly believe we provide top-level service to our owners and tenants. We often get questions about what makes us different and how we work, so we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions (and the answers) for your reference. 

If you have a question not answered here, or you would prefer to speak to one of our friendly staff, head on over to our "Find A Manager" pages to find your local Pukeko Rental Manager. They would love to hear from you! If you'd like more information, click the link to read more about why we are a smart choice for owners and for tenants.

Property Management FAQ's

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  • Aren’t all letting fees banned now?
    • Yes, as of 12th December 2018 all letting fees have been banned by the government.
    • For many property management companies, this means they will need to allocate this charge elsewhere.
    • Pukeko Rental Managers have NEVER charged letting fees to owners or tenants so will NOT need to pass this cost on to anyone.
    • To read a bit more about this, check out our blog. 
  • How long does it take to rent my property?

    Our average time to rent your property depends on market conditions. We begin marketing your property the moment we know the availability date and by using fixed term tenancies we usually do not have a gap between tenants.

  • What if we want to sell the property or return to live in it?

    If the property is on a Fixed Term tenancy then at least six weeks before the expiry you need to let us know, otherwise we will renew the tenancy so we get rent 365 days every year. It can be sold if the new owner wishes to keep the tenant until the fixed term expiry.

    If the property is on a Periodic tenancy we must give the tenants 42 days notice where there is an agreement for sale is in place with vacant possession. If you require the property for your own use or the use of a family member this will require giving the tenants 42 days notice too, however if the property is in the name of a trust or a company then we need to give 90 days notice.

  • Is the property management fee tax deductible?

    Yes, the management fee IS tax deductible. Please speak to your accountant on how to maximise the benefits of this. 

  • Does Pukeko offer rent appraisals?

    Pukeko Rental Managers provide rental appraisals free of charge to property owners.

  • What if the tenant does not pay the rent?

    We are confident that we have the systems and processes to detect if a tenant has not paid rents. That’s why we are able to provide you with our Pukeko Promise:

    Promise #2: All rents must be paid!

    We believe that all rents must be paid- even though rent arrears can dangerously snowball very quickly, we are confident that our rent arrears will be so minimal that we’ll reimburse* you all the arrears greater than three weeks. How we do this? As Pukeko Rental Managers, we closely monitor rent collections daily and nothing goes past us. Can anyone else promise this?”

    Once any late payment is detected, email, phone calls and/or SMS message to the tenant is immediately placed. If the rent is still not paid within 24 hours then a 14-day letter is sent. Every effort is made to get ongoing non-payment into the Tenancy Tribunal as soon as practicable to seek judgement for arrears, vacant possession and any other costs.

    * Rent arrears will be paid after the tribunal ruling.

  • When do you conduct rent increases?

    At the annual anniversary of the tenancy or at change of tenants we undertake a rent appraisal to determine the current market rent. Sixty days written notice is required to increase rent for ongoing tenant.

  • Q: How often do you inspect the property?

    We inspect at least 4 times (once every three months) a year and often many more than this.

    We inspect the property after the first month of the tenancy to identify any tenancy issues, and then every three months until the end of the tenancy. If however the tenant fails an inspection we will re-inspect as necessary until we are satisfied.

    This is more than what an average rental management company will do.

  • Q: How much do you charge for property inspection?

    We do not charge for property inspections as we believe that this is an essential part of property management and should be covered in our fees rather than an additional optional service. What gets inspected, gets respected- the tenants will actually look after your property better.


  • I currently have a property manager but would like to move to Pukeko. What do I need to do?

    That’s wonderful! You just need to enter into a management agreement with Pukeko Rental Managers and give appropriate cancellation notice via email to your existing property manager. We’ll then take over and look after the rest including informing the tenant, redirection of rent, transferring the bond and a handover inspection.